Bohdan Lokatyr and Marharyta Zhurunova

Concentration of the Will participantat M17 CAC, Kyiv, Ukraine

Bohdan Lokatyr & Marharyta Zhurunova

"Our enemies will vanish like dew in the sun" – a line from the national anthem of Ukraine, not only the words of hope for the distant future but for our powerful present. All traces of invaders, all traces of evil and war on the lands of Ukraine will disappear without a trace, as dew disappears in the morning after a dark night.” - Bohdan Lokatyr & Marharyta Zhurunova
The unwillingness to settle down within the limits of specific forms and boundaries, the search for freedom of expression, seems to be the thread that keeps together a creative group of Bohdan Lokatyr and Marharyta Zhurunova, that has existed since 2015. Their artistic practices lie in the realms of different art forms: the artists work in many media, including the natural environment as an artistic object – land art, and printed graphics.
We invite you to visit the exhibition at the M17 CAC and see DEW IN THE SUN by Marharyta Zhurunova and Bohdan Lokatyr, as well as other works of art and the artists' views on the Ukrainian vision of the will.
Organized by the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Modern Art Research Institute and M17 Contemporary Art Center.The Art Support Fund provided essential support for the opening of the second stage of the Concentration of the Will project at the M17 CAC.
Curators: Andriy Sydorenko, Iryna Yatsyk
Project management from the institutions: Andriy Puchkov (NAAU), Igor Abramovych (MARI), Natalia Shpytkovska (M17 CAC)
M17 Contemporary Art Center102-104, V. Antonovycha St., Kyiv cityTue-Sun: 11 am to 8 pmMonday: closedFree admission