The support of the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery"

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About the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery"  

The National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery" boasts one of the most significant collections of fine arts in Ukraine, encompassing over 12,000 exhibits that span centuries of artistic expression, from the iconic works of the XIII century to the masterpieces of painting and sculpture of the XIX and XX centuries.
Housed in a magnificent architectural monument of the XIX century, the museum occupies the former private residence of Fedir Tereshchenko, a prominent businessman and honorary citizen of Kyiv.
The National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery" has managed to maintain its mission of preserving and promoting Ukrainian art, despite sustaining damage from Russian rocket attacks. Despite this setback, the museum has not wavered in its commitment to showcasing the cultural richness of Ukraine and its people.


"The First Century"

Antykvar magazine has dedicated its latest issue "The First Century" to the anniversary of the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery" a significant cultural institution in Ukraine. 
As the only popular science periodical about art and collecting in the country, Antykvar's thematic issues are self-sufficient publishing projects that present public, private, and corporate collections in a broad cultural and historical context. 
The theme of this issue is "The First Century," and it includes a selection of articles covering various aspects of museum work and museum life. Through these articles, readers can appreciate the dedication and professionalism of museum workers, collectors, artists, and patrons who have contributed to the development, change, and enrichment of one of the largest national art collections over the course of a century. Despite the challenges posed by the historical drama of the Ukrainian present, the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery" has persevered, and Antykvar's "The First Century" is a tribute to its enduring legacy.
The "Art Fund Support" has allocated funds towards the production of a new issue of Antykvar, a publication aimed at supporting the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery".