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Charity event to support the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

About the project

On the 28th of January, 2023, the Royal Academy of Arts in London hosted the Charity auction to benefit the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. The event was initiated and organised by the Natalia Cola Foundation and the Royal Academy of Arts. Natalia Shpytkovska was honoured to be an Advisory for the event. All donated works were exhibited in the Royal Academy on the evening of the event.
The NAAU is facing a crisis. State support has been diminishing since 2014 and the majority of the NAAU’s local charity financing/funding was cut when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. The RA was showing unprecedented support and solidarity for the NAAU at a critical time for Ukrainian culture.
The declared total amount collected at the auction exceeds 200 thousand pounds. The exact amount raised will be announced after the charitable contributions are received on the account of the Public Organization (NGO) "All-Ukrainian Academy of Arts" within a month from the date of the event.

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    Royal Academicians participating include Tracey Emin, Antony Gormley, Conrad Shawcross, Ryan Gander, Allen Jones, former President of the RA, Sir Christopher Le Brun. Tatiana Drozd, Olga Kisseleva, Taisiya Polischuk, the international interdisciplinary group of an artist, a designer, a danser, a biologist and a curator, also participated in the charity event.

    Among the Ukrainian Academicians: Boris Mikhailov (representative of Ukraine at the 57th Venice Biennale, 2017; winner of the international Hasselblad Award, 2000); Pavlo Makov (Ukraine’s representative at the 59th Venice Biennale, 2022); Victor Sydorenko (President of the NAAU; Representative of Ukraine at the 50th Venice Biennale, 2003, Commissioner of the 54th and 55th Venice Biennale, 2011 and 2013 respectively); holders of the Shevchenko Prize Tiberiy Silvashi and Anatoliy Kryvolap, as well as Lubomir Medvid and Vira Barynova-Kuleba. Participants of the 49th Venice Biennale Arsen Savadov and Oleg Tistol, as well as Sergei Sviatchenko, joined the charity initiative. Among the younger generation of Ukrainian artists to join the auction: Gamlet Zinkivskyi, Olesia Trofymenko, Volodymyr Manzhos (WaOne), Ruslan Tremba.

    Prior to the event, a silent auction with works by established and emerging artists, launched online on the 10th of January at

    Stephen Shore has donated a photograph that was included in his 2018 MoMA retrospective and taken in the home of a Ukrainian Holocaust survivor. Juergen Teller has given a work that was taken in 2007 while in Ukraine and exhibited in the Ukrainian Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009.

    The project was conceived by the Natalia Cola Foundation to ensure the effective functioning of the NAAU, as a platform for reflecting the achievements of Ukrainian culture both in Ukraine and abroad.

    Funds were being directly raised for urgent structural repair to NAAU buildings and provision of the equipment, support of scientific, publishing and exhibition activities of the NAAU, grant programme for Ukrainian artists to participate in programmes in Ukraine and abroad, digitisation support of the institution.

    Vogue Ukraine, Giorgio Armani, and Clara Zevi Consulting were the partners for the event along with the Natalia Shpytkovska Art Advisory.

Art Without Borders

About The National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

The National Academy of Arts of Ukraine is Ukraine’s leading art institution, which consists of 104 academicians and corresponding members in six specialized departments (visual art, musical art, theatre art, cinema art, art theory and history, and synthesis of plastic arts). In addition, the Academy has 38 foreign members and 27 honorary academicians, prominent representatives of the global art establishment.

The Academy carries out a program of exhibitions, debates, seminars and conferences. The mission of the NAAU is the comprehensive development of the science of world and Ukrainian art and culture, providing outstanding artists with resources for the creation and exhibition of artworks.

Two vital research and education institutions rely on the leadership of the NAAU: The Modern Art Research Institute (MARI) and The Institute of Cultural Studies. The MARI besides the fundamental scientific works in the field of theory and history of art provides the implementation of the contemporary art PhD program. The Institute of Cultural Studies is composed of highly qualified scientists researching and writing scientific works on the theory and history of culture, sociology, cultural anthropology and the study of cultural heritage.


Organizers of the Charity event

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The Natalia Cola Foundation

The Natalia Cola Foundation, established by philanthropist and arts patron Natalia Cola, was founded in 2019 to support institutions that value tradition, while championing new artists; ways of thinking and encouraging open discourse. It currently partners with The Serpentine Gallery and The Royal Academy.

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The Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts (RA) is an art institution based in Burlington House on Piccadilly in London. Founded in 1768, it has a unique position as an independent, privately funded institution led by eminent artists and architects. A place where art is made, exhibited and debated.

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The NAA of Ukraine

The National Academy of Arts of Ukraine is an independent field-specific scientific and artistic institution located in Kyiv. The Academy's activities reflect the glorious Ukrainian traditions in art, science of art and education, the implementation of the highest cultural needs and aspirations of the public.



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